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decision to try to kill multiple tsa employees. here's the latest. 23-year-old anthony ciancia told police he acted alone and was dropped off at the airport by an unsuspecting friend. once in the airport he pulled an assault rifle from a duffel bag and began firing. more than 24 hours after the shooting, the airport reports operations are back to normal. alex stone has the story from los angeles. reporter: 23-year-old paul ciancia lies under guard in a hospital bed, leaving behind a bloody trail to speak for him. >> he made a conscious decision to kill multiple tsa employees. >> the proof, says the fbi, a signed hand-written letter in his bag telling the tsa he wanted to instill fear on your traitorous mind. >> he says if i kill one my mission is accomplished. >> a complaint says he entered terminal three with a bag holding a smith and weston semi automatic rifle with five spare magazines fully loaded. he pulled out the gun and walked up to the tsa checkpoint and fired multiple shots at point-blank range at a tsa officer, and as he moved up thees later he looked back at the wounded officer
a blue tsa uniform could be seen coming out, holding up arms stained with blood. another man wheeled to ambulances inside, the news came to some from an airline official. there was a huge response from airport and local police. officers could be seen with guns drawn. terminals 1, 2, 3 were closed and traffickers were -- travellers were evacuated. >> you can't believe hiding behind a counter, it doesn't seem real. >> car traffic into lax was stopped along with outgoing flights. incoming flights were allowed to land. the airport remains on lock down. hundreds are lining streets with flights delayed or cancelled. brandy hit, abc news, los angeles international airport. >> now, accused gunman, 23-year-old paul ciancia is from pensville, new jersey. police say his father called them today, his son expected him a text saying he expected to die today. according to fbi ciancia carried a note with letters nwo believed to stand for "new world order" >> news conference just finished moments ago the fbi said the investigation will take sometime. >> at this point we have one terminal shut down a
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2

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